Our Services

Popular Packers offer you a fast and reliable packaging services, that mainly include household & commercial goods. We ensure that all the goods are perfectly packed, so that they don't get damaged while moving from one place to another. Papers, cartons, wooden boxes are used extensively while packing.

Loading Services

Popular Packers provide a well organized and systematic Loading and Unloading Services following all the required service parameters. Our trained staff pack, load and arrange the goods with utmost care and attention.Loading and unloading is carried in professional manner to prevent last minute damage.

Like packing and moving, un-packaging and relocation of goods is also an important function which is carried out with utmost care. We make sure that the task is carried in the hands of experts and under the supervision of an expert eye.

Car Transportation

Popular Packer & Movers is one of the most reliable car transportation services in India that not only ships your car conveniently and timely to the desired location, but is also believed to elevate your experience by relieving you from worries related to safe transportation of your car.

Transportation of household goods are attached with centiments/feelings as these are not purchased in one day. All these are created one by one as per requirement and financial conditions. They may be old but are important and useful for daily life. We feel all these goods must reach to new destination safely to begin new home life.
We Popular Packers & Movers, Guwahati, execute every work carefully to give utmost satisfaction to our clients.

Transit Insurance

We, Popular Packers & Movers, take care in not only packaging and moving the goods but also protecting them throughout this process. We deal in the arrangement of insurance documents on client’s behalf to save their time and cost and covering them from any accident occurring in near future at the same time.

Popular Packers & Movers possess well-maintained, fumigated and secure warehousing facilities for ensuring smooth transition of goods from one location to the next. This provides our customers, ease of reclaiming their consignment as per their time schedules.

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